FFAB-R – Early Factors of Vunerability to Eating Disorders: Environment, Genes and Other Risk Factors – 12th September 2019 – PARIS

Research Congress on Eating Disorders by the French Federation Anorexia Bulimia Research Group (FFAB-R)

Organised in Paris by the interdisciplinary research group of the French Federation Anorexia-Bulimia (FFAB-R), this satellite conference of the European Congress on Eating Disorders will gather international specialists with both clinical and basic research expertise in order to provide both a translational and epidemiological point of view on early risk factors that play a role in the vulnerability to eating disorders.
Genetic association studies reveal that genetic factors contribute to the pathophysiology of the disease but how they can interact with environmental factors, especially events that occur early in life (gestational, perinatal, pubertal periods) are still poorly understood.
This one-day conference will highlight some of the latest studies from human epidemiology to genetic/epigenetic and animal models that integrate genetic traits and environmental risk factors to provide mechanistic information for a better understanding of the complex and multifactorial dimensions of the disease.
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